Your Comfort Is Our Priority

Our clients’ well-being is our top priority, including their level of comfort during the scanning process. Our open scan room is made to be absolutely comfortable for the patient. Through our care, you will be sure to have a positive experience during your MRI.

Traditional MRIs are built as a narrow tube covered by an enormous, circular magnet. When a patient is put through an MRI scan, they are fully enclosed inside of the tube, known as the bore.  There often is not enough space for the patient to move their head and they must lay absolutely still for a long period of time while the magnet spins noisily around them. To say that this experience is uncomfortable is an understatement and is a claustrophobic nightmare.

With our open MRI system, we make the entire experience more comfortable from beginning to end. With the only true weight-bearing machine in South Carolina, The machine moves over the specific part of the body to be imaged and leaves the head free. The patient is able to look around and hear the caregiver’s voice.

It is also equally as important to reduce the amount of sound from the machine. The open MRI device is significantly quieter than the traditional. Patients can expect a softer hum instead of the usual clanging and thumping of the loud magnet circling around in the machine.

MRI scans can be a bit nerve racking for those who have not been through the process before. However, our expertly trained staff is here to help. Through patient-focused care, we lead you through each step and answer every question along the way. Through Affordable set pricing, same day appointments, faster reporting and quicker scans, we create a stress-free environment and a worry-free experience for our patients.  From our team of board-certified radiologists to registered technologists, rest assured knowing you are in the industry’s most capable and compassionate hands at Medical Imaging Express.