The Pros of Getting An Open MRI

MRI machines help doctors diagnose and study brain disease more accurately. They also can help diagnose ENT conditions, spinal problems, cancer, and more. MRI machines expose your body to magnetic waves that effectively highlight your organs, making it easier for doctors to identify problems. Although closed MRI machines are the more traditional option compared to open MRI machines, there are many advantages to using an open MRI machine. 

Have you ever watched a medical TV show and the patient is in a closed MRI machine having an anxiety attack because they are claustrophobic? As the name suggests, open MRI machines are open, providing patients with a less claustrophobic experience. In turn, there can be fewer side effects to using open MRI machines, because drugs might need to be administered in a traditional closed MRI machine to help patients with server anxiety, restlessness, and claustrophobia. 

Open MRI machines are more child-friendly than traditional closed machines. We never want to think about kids needing to be in a hospital situation, but it does happen. It is scary for children to be in an enclosed space, and often they don’t fully understand what is happening. An open MRI machine makes it easier to scan kids because they won’t have to be alone in a tight space, and their parents or guardians can be right there by their side. 

When a sports injury incurs, an open MRI has the unique ability to image patients while they’re tilted into a weight-bearing position. This replicated normal tissue compression to give a realistic assessment of damaged structures. The open MRI device combines high image quality with an ultra-comfortable and dynamic patient experience.

No matter what the cause, an open MRI should be considered when you need an MRI scan. Here at Medical Imaging Express, we want to make your experience go as smoothly as possible, in a comfortable, open, and friendly environment. Read our other blogs to learn more about our services and what to expect. We are always happy to talk, so contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.