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The Price of an MRI

Most people would agree: getting an MRI is expensive. Exactly how expensive?

The average price of an MRI in the U.S. is $2,611.

The price of an MRI seems to be the product of a complex economy of a few MRI manufacturing companies owning the best technology and patents, and a lot of down-the-line hospital fees and charges.

If you’re wondering what could possibly contribute to a test that takes less than an hour of time to complete, look no further. It actually has little to do with the age of the MRI machine, nor the machine’s technological capabilities. The bulk of the cost of an MRI comes from the medical facility that owns the machine needing to pay back the price paid for the MRI machine and the suite of rooms in which the MRI is housed. The machine alone costs up to $3 million, while the rooms that often house MRI machines are upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

What’s even more puzzling for consumers is that the cost of an MRI procedure is generally clouded in confusion. Patients have little understanding about how their medical costs are computed. Yet, 85% of consumers are worried about healthcare costs, according to a recent poll, Consumers for Quality Care, conducted by Ipsos.

If you’re looking for an MRI but want to avoid the cost of hospital overhead, then you can simply opt out of going to a hospital for an MRI. Don’t let an inflated hospital MRI price be a financial burden to your medical testing. At Medical Imaging Express we charge over 80% less than the national hospital average cost for an MRI using brand new equipment! We believe it’s important to offer affordable medical imaging for everyone – whether you’re insured or not.

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