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MRI for Claustrophobia

Up to 5% of Americans struggle with claustrophobia, which is defined as an extreme fear of confined spaces — like, for example, an MRI tube. In a study involving an MRI diagnosis and claustrophobia, up to 13% of patients receiving an MRI reported having a panic attack during the procedure.

The anxiety surrounding an injury or health concern is already more than any of us want to deal with. When you add the sometimes-terrifying experience of sliding through a loud and enclosed tube as part of medical testing, the process of getting an MRI could be too much fear to handle for people who struggle with claustrophobia.

MRI Solution for Claustrophobic Patients | Greenville, SC

So, how do you get through an MRI if you struggle with claustrophobia and/or anxiety?

1. Breathe. Relax. While your doctor may refer you to a hospital for an MRI, know that it’s your healthcare – your choice. You can choose where you get your MRI; you don’t have to go where your doctor refers you.

2. Breathe again. The technology exists right here in Greenville, SC, at Medical Imaging Express for claustrophobic or anxious patients to opt for an open MRI as opposed to the traditional, closed MRI.

3. Call Medical Imaging Express to book your open MRI appointment today! We take same-day appointments and are accepting new patients. 864.990.2987

In Greenville, South Carolina, Medical Imaging Express is home to an open weight-bearing MRI, which allows patients who worry about experiencing claustrophobia, the opportunity to minimize anxieties surround an MRI scan.

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