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MRI for Children

As many as 80% of pediatric patients have to be sedated prior to getting an MRI because doctors worry that kids can’t lie still long enough to capture the full MRI test. And if an anesthesiologist isn’t available when called at the hospital, the procedure is often postponed; meaning medical testing is delayed for kids who are afraid of an MRI.

Children being afraid of an MRI is such a problem at hospitals that it even inspired a 24-year GE employee to create imaginative veneers, decals, and fun experiences that accompany his machine, to reduce some of the anxiety kids have about going into the MRI tube. One such experience mimics a pirate ship voyage and even comes with a script for the MRI technicians to read while a child is going through the machine.

While this solution empathically solves the issue of subjecting kids to a frightening MRI, hospitals in the Upstate of South Carolina have no such pirate-themed MRI machine, as far as we know.

A Solution for Children Needing MRI in Greenville, SC

So, what should you do if your kid is afraid of getting an MRI – or simply can’t stay still for a 45-minute procedure? Keep calm and search for Medical Imaging Express – home of Greenville’s open, weight-bearing MRI machine, which allows parents or caretakers to be in the room holding their child’s hand during the entire procedure. Call Medical Imaging Express and book an appointment for your child. We offer same-day appointments!

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Medical Imaging Express is located at 361 Woodruff Rd in Greenville, SC. Along with Open MRIs, we also offer affordable x-rays and ultrasounds. To learn more about the imaging services offered by Medical Imaging Express, give us at call at (864) 990-2987 or fill out the form below.