How to Stay Calm During an MRI

You’ve been told you need an MRI. You didn’t think you were claustrophobic, but as soon as the exam begins, you suddenly feel all the symptoms: chest pressure, panic, distress, feeling like you can’t breathe.

We’ve heard this story time and again. Any medical procedure can be scary, especially the dreaded MRI. Below are 4 tips on getting through an MRI if you’re claustrophobic, nervous, or even just a little uncomfortable:

Ask questions beforehand.

Leave nothing to the imagination! Many people find that knowing exactly what’s going to happen helps with mentally preparing for the procedure. At Medical Imaging Express, you’ll be assigned to a Patient Coordinator, who is there to help you all along the way, from your first phone call to passing your images along to your doctor. In contrast, getting an MRI at a hospital is a very different – and much less personal – experience.

Don’t feel ashamed if you experience claustrophobia.

One in every ten patients experiences claustrophobia. Sound like a high number? Any MRI Tech will tell you that most first-time patients may not think they’re claustrophobic until they enter the MRI “tube.” Luckily, our patients don’t have to worry about an MRI tube. Instead, we offer an open-room MRI. You can even look out the window during your scan!

Bring a spouse, parent, or family member into the room with you. 

A major advantage to the open-room MRI is the ability to have someone remain in the room with you during the scan. With traditional, closed MRIs, children have a hard time staying still, which can destroy the image quality. If a child wriggles too much, he or she may even require sedation to get through the exam – something no parent wants if they can avoid it. Having a parent in the room can help your child get through his or her exam without sedation.

Wear headphones during the MRI exam.

Our Open MRI device is much quieter than most high-field MRIs, but for patients seeking an even quieter experience, we offer headphones so you can listen to music during the exam and drown out any surrounding noises.

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