Does My Child Need to be Sedated for an MRI?

Parents of young children, you know the drill: children hate staying still! What a wonderful thing for kids to be active and have imaginations. It’s healthy for little ones to be on the move! But what happens when your child needs an MRI?

MRI scans can last around forty-five minutes. That’s forty-five minutes of no movement in order for the magnet to accurately scan pictures of the body. You may be wondering: what do you do if your child can’t stay still?

Child Sedation During Pediatric MRIs

Children tend to wiggle and move around, especially if they’re nervous about the procedure. During an MRI, there are usually loud noises. Being separated from Mom and Dad in a scary, claustrophobic tube with loud noises is a big deal for a little one!

Many children need anxiety medication or even full sedation in order to get through an MRI. No parent wants to sedate their child if it can be avoided. Are there any alternatives?

An Alternative to Sedation: Open-Room MRIs for Kids

Introducing the true open-room MRI at Medical Imaging Express, here in Greenville, SC. With the open MRI, a parent or caretaker can be in the room with their child during the entire procedure, holding the patient’s hand. This can significantly reduce anxiety, helping children to stay still – without sedation.

If you think the Open MRI at Medical imaging Express is right for your child, feel free to set up an appointment by filling out the form below or giving us a call at (864) 990-2987. We also accept same-day appointments, because we know you can’t always predict when an injury will happen.