TMJ & TMD Imaging

At Medical Imaging Express, our innovative open room MRI is the perfect option for TMJ and TMD dental imaging. The only device of its kind in Greenville, SC, our advanced MRI device offers targeted accuracy and high resolution, giving dental patients faster results, more precise evaluations and highly accurate diagnoses.

Thanks to a specialized coil that is uniquely built to image soft tissue structures in the jaw, Medical Imaging Express’ open MRI system targets the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and generates high-resolution images for better diagnoses. Placed over the patient’s jaw during imaging, the coil is lightweight and non-invasive, able to capture high-resolution pictures of bone and soft tissue structures and the biomechanics of the joint.

A distinct advantage of open MRI for dental imaging is total comfort. With the advanced, open-room MRI technology at Medical Imaging Express, claustrophobic reactions to tightly enclosed spaces are drastically reduced. Instead, patients enjoy airy and quiet surroundings and a comfortable ergonomic bed during their dental imaging. And thanks to our highly advanced MRI technology, scans are completed rapidly, getting you on your way sooner than you might have imagined was possible.


At Medical Imaging Express, we’re convinced that TMJ and TMD imaging doesn’t need to be difficult. From same-day scheduling to pain-free, non-invasive MRI and rapid results reporting from board-certified radiologists, we provide effortless, streamlined care. Finally, dental imaging that’s modern, uncomplicated and precise – the way you always wished it could be.

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