Pediatric MRI

For children needing diagnostic imaging, Medical Imaging Express offers a highly advanced approach to pediatric MRI. Our innovative MRI allows children to be imaged in a peaceful, open-room setting, reducing common fears and delivering cutting-edge scan performance.

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Unlike traditional MRI systems which require children to be fully enclosed within the MRI bore, our revolutionary open machine – the only truly open, weight-bearing MRI device in South Carolina –  covers only a small portion of children’s bodies, leaving their heads free. This gives kids the unique and comforting ability to look around the room, hold their parent’s hand and hear their caregiver’s voice during the entire exam.  

Just as crucial for peace of mind, Medical Imaging Express’ open-room MRI device is significantly quieter. Instead of the thumping and banging that’s common in a traditional MRIs, our quiet device creates a peaceful environment that allows children to hear and respond to their caregiver’s voice throughout the procedure. Because of its soothing nature, our open-room MRI dramatically lowers the chance that your child will require sedatives or other interventions to make it through the scan.  

MRI for Children in Greenville, SC

For many patients, pediatric MRI can seem unfamiliar and even a little daunting. That’s exactly why we’re here. Our expertly trained staff provides patient-focused care, leading you through each step and answering each question along the way. Here, it’s the special details – things like affordable set pricing, same day appointments, faster reporting and quicker scans – that create a worry-free experience. From our team of board-certified radiologists to registered technologists, you and your child are in the industry’s most capable and compassionate hands at Medical Imaging Express.

If you’re seeking an MRI experience for your child — without the need for sedation — schedule an appointment at Medical Imaging Express. We work with families throughout the Upstate SC and Western NC regions, including:

  • Greenville, SC
  • Anderson, SC
  • Spartanburg, SC
  • Hendersonville, NC
  • Asheville, NC

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We offer:

  • Knee MRIs
  • Shoulder MRIs
  • Hip MRIs
  • Ankle MRIs
  • Foot MRIs
  • Elbow MRIs
  • Wrist MRIs
  • Hand MRIs
  • TMJ MRI/Imaging
  • Cervical Spine MRIs
  • Thoracic Spine MRIs
  • Lumbar Spine MRIs