MRI for Claustrophobic Patients

For those who suffer from claustrophobia or simply feel uncomfortable in enclosed spaces, Medical Imaging Express brings a radically different approach to imaging with the world’s most advanced open MRI technology. The only device of its kind in Greenville SC, our weight-bearing open-room MRI offers relief from claustrophobia as well as diagnostic accuracy and unmatched patient comfort.

Medical Imaging Express’ open MRI system eliminates the discomfort and claustrophobia that can come with conventional enclosed “tube” MRI devices. With a revolutionary design that covers just a small portion of the body, patients can look around the room during the exam, use headphones and interact with others in the room.

As important as a comfortable, anxiety-free exam is, we know that a great imaging experience begins long before the procedure. That’s why things like quick and simplified scheduling, personalized patient coordinators, a welcoming waiting room and rapid results reporting are all built into the Medical Imaging Express experience. Each aspect of care is strategically designed for patient well-being and peace of mind – and it starts long before you enter our front door.

Whatever your experience with MRI has been in the past, Medical Imaging Express is pioneering a radically different approach…one that just might change your mind about the way you thought it had to be.

We offer:

  • Knee MRIs
  • Shoulder MRIs
  • Hip MRIs
  • Ankle MRIs
  • Foot MRIs
  • Elbow MRIs
  • Wrist MRIs
  • Hand MRIs
  • TMJ MRI/Imaging
  • Cervical Spine MRIs
  • Thoracic Spine MRIs
  • Lumbar Spine MRIs