Benefits of Open MRI

At Medical Imaging Express, we are proud to offer the first true open-room, weight-bearing MRI for patients in Greenville, SC, Spartanburg, SC, Anderson, SC and Western NC. While relief from claustrophobia is an obvious advantage of open MRI, that’s not the only reason we chose it over a conventional MRI device. Ultimately, we use an open MRI system because its sharp diagnostic accuracy, adaptability and comfort make it the best option for the greatest number of our patients.

Better Diagnoses
One of the most important features of Medical Imaging Express’ open MRI is its ability to perform weight-bearing scans. The open and tilting design of this device allows scans to be performed while patients are in a natural, weight-bearing position, rather than lying flat. This replicates the normal compression that tissues undergo on a daily basis, helping radiologists spot abnormalities such as disc herniation and nerve compression that might otherwise be missed. For those with lower back pain, sciatica, sports injuries or spinal injuries, the weight-bearing feature of this device helps radiologists quickly target damaged tissue and trouble spots.

Unmatched Comfort
For patients who suffer from claustrophobia or simply feel anxious about a conventional MRI, an open MRI offers a comforting alternative. Our open MRI device’s completely open structure allows patients to see and interact with their surroundings throughout the exam. Its design also means it can accommodate larger patients (up to 450 pounds) who may not be comfortable in a traditional tube-shaped MRI device.

For further comfort, our open MRI device is significantly quieter than other MRI systems. In fact, it’s so quiet that patients can wear headphones during imaging and hear accompanying caregivers in the room during the exam.

Children benefit in a special way from open MRIs. The quiet, open room setting creates a sense of security for kids, who can look around the room, hold their parents’ hand and hear reassuring words throughout their exam. And thanks to this peaceful setting, parents find the need for sedatives or other interventions is drastically reduced.

Focused Assessments
Because they aren’t limited by a fixed bore, open MRI devices can focus on specific body parts for quick, precise imaging and diagnostics. This flexibility makes open MRI an ideal choice for sports injuries, injuries to the hands, feet, shoulders or wrist, as well as TMJ and TMD imaging. The remarkable image quality of our open MRI and uncommonly quick scan time allows patients to receive their results rapidly, drastically reducing the wait time that’s normal for conventional MRI.

We offer:

  • Knee MRIs
  • Shoulder MRIs
  • Hip MRIs
  • Ankle MRIs
  • Foot MRIs
  • Elbow MRIs
  • Wrist MRIs
  • Hand MRIs
  • TMJ MRI/Imaging
  • Cervical Spine MRIs
  • Thoracic Spine MRIs
  • Lumbar Spine MRIs

Chiari Malformation
We have a special protocol for Chiari malformation. These are structural defects in the base of the skull and cerebellum, the part of the brain that controls balance. Normally the cerebellum and parts of the brain stem sit above an opening in the skull that allows the spinal cord to pass through it (called the foramen magnum). We are the only facility in SC that can perform this very detailed type of imaging!