Open MRI vs. Closed MRI: Pros & Cons

open mri vs closed mri

Most people are familiar with MRIs, but few of us understand the options out there. Here’s a quick recap of the differences between Open MRIs and Closed MRIs: Closed MRI The most common device is a closed “bore” (tube) MRI. While the closed MRI is generally considered the most accurate, it’s also the most feared […]

How to Stay Calm During an MRI

how to stay calm during an MRI

You’ve been told you need an MRI. You didn’t think you were claustrophobic, but as soon as the exam begins, you suddenly feel all the symptoms: chest pressure, panic, distress, feeling like you can’t breathe. We’ve heard this story time and again. Any medical procedure can be scary, especially the dreaded MRI. Below are 4 […]