About Us

Based in Greenville, SC, Medical Imaging Express is a leader in innovative medical imaging. There are a few things we take very seriously: cutting edge technology, accessible imaging and patient-focused care. We believe that every patient deserves the very best in imaging technology and that their experience should be as simple as possible. You won’t find stuffy waiting rooms, dark and constricting MRI tubes or unfriendly staff at Medical Imaging Express – just bright and clean rooms, compassionate care and an experience that’s easier than you ever thought it could be.

The only true open weight-bearing MRI in South Carolina, Medical Imaging Express’ breakthrough MRI device opens up a new world of potential for patients in Greenville SC. This cutting-edge MRI system uniquely combines high-resolution images with the freedom of a quiet, open room experience. Just as important, its weight-bearing feature allows it to focus on damaged tissue and rapidly provide accurate diagnoses that might be overlooked in a traditional MRI.

The quality of an experience is built by dozens of small details. That’s why we prioritize little aspects of care that are often overlooked, like never making you wait more than a week for an appointment and reporting results as soon as they arrive, typically within hours of the exam. Because we know you can’t always plan around an urgent medical need, walk-ins are always welcome, and you’ll never have to worry about overbooking. By investing in the details, we create an experience that puts patients at ease and gives them confidence that they’re in the right hands.